Coldplay Announces June 6 Nashville Show

It has been called to our attention that Coldplay has added a Nashville date at the Sommet Center on June 6. Tickets go on sale on the 21st of this month, and will likely be outrageously priced, but included in the ticket price is the opportunity to see Chris Martin act all weird, so it’s totes worth it, right? Actually, we caught Coldplay when they played the Starwood (RIP) several years back, and it was a pretty incredible live show, even for those who weren’t huge fans. We’ll fill you in if we hear anything about presales, but for now, mark your calendars for the 21st. Thanks to Rachel A. for the tip!

UPDATE 3/18 11:20AM: Presale information will be available from Lightning 100 at 10am on Friday. Enjoy, and thanks to Erin A. for the tip!

Photo by Alex Bikfalvi.