Happy Hour: This Is Not A Dog-Toilet

  • A Tennessee House subcommittee shot down a bill banning car passengers from boozin’ it up in the back seat. Somehow, we weren’t even aware that this was still legal. [WSMV]
  • Though it’s probably safe to say that driving around with 53 lbs. of pot in your trunk is still not okay. [WKRN]
  • Schools in Wilson County, the almost-future-home of Bible Park USA, is being sued by a bunch of parents for censoring some posters at an elementary school promoting a student-led prayer event. [WZTV]
  • The NHL trading deadline passed today and the Preds didn’t make any moves. Perhaps they decided to stick with the same group of folks who pulled off the 8-0 victory over the Red Wings. [City Paper]
  • Rocking the unemployment checks? Hope and pray that this never happens to yours. [WTVF]
  • Congratulations to ‘Noogan mayor Ron Littlefield, who won his second term yesterday. We’re mostly jealous because their mayor is on Twitter and ours isn’t (hear that, Mayor Dean?) For a full scoop, check out what our friends are saying over at Chattarati. [WZTV]

Photo by belmontvision.