Tonight: Grace’s Plaza Wine & Spirits Grand Opening

The Nashvillest HQ is planted smack dab in the middle of Green Hills, and our relationship with the neighborhood liquor stores is something of a soap opera.

(yn) is open!

No, it’s closed.

Wait, their inventory went to The Wine Shoppe At Green Hills!

Will Trader Joe’s open an adjacent wine store? (No.)

Bud’s and the Wine Shoppe are suing!

There’s a big sign that announces: “Wine & Spirits Now Open” in the parking lot of that brown building!

In all seriousness, we’d been wondering about that big sign in the Grace’s Plaza parking lot announcing the opening of a brand new wine & spirits shop. We know that Bud’s and the Wine Shoppe aren’t exactly happy about the development, but as residents of Green Hills, we’ll welcome another booze supplier to the area with open arms. (Because sometimes, we just don’t want to drive three blocks to pick up our vodka.) And even more welcome is Grace’s Plaza Wine & Spirits‘ grand opening celebration this evening from 5:30pm-7:30pm, where the wine will be flowing and the snacks will be… Next door, because of Tennessee liquor laws. Food outside or not, we’re excited to see what Grace’s has to offer, and we’ll probably be taking advantage of their 10% off anything in stock on opening night… If you know what we mean. After all, we can always walk home.