This Weekend: Fiction Family At The Belcourt

The name “Fiction Family” may be foreign to your ears, but try “Nickel Creek” and “Switchfoot” on for size. Sean Watkins of Nickel Creekand Jon Foreman of Switchfoot recently released a collaboration under the moniker Fiction Family (unfortunately, they lost their original name – The Real SeanJon – somewhere along the way), and they’re hitting the Belcourt this Friday on their first official tour together. While the collaboration sounds completely different than Nickel Creek or Switchfoot, fans of both bands should be pleased with the project. And if you’re really not a fan of either, consider heading to the Belcourt anyway – You might be pleasantly surprised.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “When She’s Near” – Fiction Family

Fiction Family at The Belcourt: Friday, January 30, 8pm. $20.