Nashville Now “Fit” And “Cool” [Mixed Reviews By People Who Don’t Live Here]

In the past year, Tennessee has been named CalorieLab’s 6th Fattest State, and The Center For Disease Control And Prevention’s 3rd Fattest State. So you can imagine our surprise when we read that Men’s Fitness has included Nashville on their list of fittest (not fattest!) cities, coming in at 24th place. We’re not really sure how they’re calculating their scores, but we had a little giggle over it. Not too shabby for a city that is barely walkable. Our neighbors in Memphis made Men’s Fitness’ “Fattest Cities” list, so we guess that means that between the two of us, we balance the state out. Thanks to Twitter user @jakegreene for the tip.

But not only are we fit, we’re also “cool,” as far as MSN’s 15 Coolest North American Cities go, anyway. Another noteworthy thing about this list is that Savannah, Georgia came in 6th and New York City was 7th. Anyway, thave this to say about Nashville (13th Coolest City, represent!):

Nashville, Tenn., is the heart and soul of country music in America. A newly revitalized downtown district, however, features several clubs that showcase emerging and established rock and blues acts.
Yeah… Nothing we haven’t heard before. But we’ll take what we can get. Thanks to Twitter user @yearginsm for the tip.