Cheap Tourism At Home [Almost Freebies]

If you’re like us, you’ve probably never visited half of the local touristy spots that out of town visitors flock to. We finally went to the Country Music Hall of Fame last year on Museum Day, and it was pretty cool. There’s still a bunch of places that we haven’t hit up yet, but we’ll be crossing a couple more off the list in the very near future, thanks to these new-year specials.

Admission to Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum Of Art is only $1 per person for the entire month of January! Regular price is a whopping $10. 

Admission to The Hermitage between now and the end of February is 50% off with a canned food donation to Second Harvest Food Bank (Tennessee residents only, via Webbspun Ideas). Regular admission price is $17, so we’re looking at $8.50 now (which, let’s face it, is still sort of pricey). 

Photo by crashmattb.