Bright & Early: A World Of Pain Edition

Good morning, Nashville. The TVA ash spill is set to be heard in the US Senate today, but since there aren’t any federal regulations that dictate how you’re supposed to dispose of coal ash, it’s doubtful that anything will happen. This, of course, means that we the customers will probably be footing the bill for the disaster including the cleanup, legal costs, and whatever steps need to be taken in order to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This doesn’t really bode well since Nashville residents were already reportedly “shocked” by their electric bills this month.

  • Nevermore. We’re only two days out from the big playoff game and Baltimore fans are already busting into the city and talking some serious trash, according to the Scene. We just want to talk to them AFTER their devastating loss on Saturday.
  • No hope. Well, the economy is finally tanking in Cool Springs too, which means that all those fancy new office buildings they’ve built out there can’t seem to find any tenants. Why are we not surprised?
  • Bits & pieces. The Bellevue Macy’s is one of 11 Macy’s across the country that will be closing down after a sad sad holiday season … Watch out for that TVA ash pond, Gallatin. You might be next … Congratulations to attorney and anti-English Only activist Gregg Ramos for being named Nashvillian of the Year … Also congratulations to the Titans cheerleader who is actually a molecular neuroscience researcher at Vanderbilt for breaking the dumb blonde mold?

Photo by crashmattb.