Bright & Early: Freezing Our Bums Off Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Our fingers are a little too frozen to type this morning. In the words of the SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT issued by the National Weather Service over the weekend, “BY THE WAY…NASHVILLE AIRPORT HAS NOT SEEN SINGLE DIGIT READINGS SINCE A TEMPERATURE OF 2 DEGREES ON JANUARY 24TH OF 2003.” Which really puts this all into perspective. Nine degrees is a whole 7 degrees warmer than 2 degrees, right? It’s practically springtime outside! In related news, winter officially began at 6:04am yesterday morning…

  • An explosion rocked the Drake Hotel on Murfreesboro Road in southeast Nashville on Friday Night. Police say it was caused by a natural gas leak and triggered by someone flipping on a light switch. Part of the building actually collapsed, but thankfully only two people were injured.
  • Rudrani Devi, one of the Nashvillian survivors of the Mumbai attacks, had the opportunity to light Nashville’s giant menorah in front of the State Capitol building yesterday. She’s still wheelchair-bound due to some of her injuries, but was happy to be around for yesterday’s ceremony.
  • Bits & pieces. To the unfortunate soul who inherited the job of State Treasurer this year, good luck with that! … Our weekend was complete–the Titans totally killed Pittsburgh … After a “heated” debate amonst the Metro school board, they’ve chosen a new director. We guess this means Mayor Dean is off the hook? … We knew something was up when we kept spotting AT&T trucks around town a few days ago. They have arrived!

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