Convention & Visitors Bureau Produces Their Own Flip Side Video [Ha, Ha, Ha]

We want to preface this video with a short trip down memory lane. Once upon a time, the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau held a contest you may remember called the Flip Side of Nashville which was intended to showcase the many different kinds of music that come out of Nashville besides country. The instructions were simple: Make a video “expressing the alternative side of Nashville’s music scene” and submit to Youtube. Unfortunately, the number and quality of entries didn’t quite meet the expectations of the bureau, as they were offering over 1,000 prizes and only 8 videos were in the Youtube group by the original deadline. Extending the deadline helped a little, but not enough to salvage it from being a pretty massive flop (which still gave us some wonderful gems). Oh, and did we mention the part where the Grand Prize was a round-trip to Nashville? For a contest in Nashville? So there was that.

Well, they pulled a winner from the final pool of 15 videos, may or may not have actually doled out the prize, and we didn’t hear much more about it. Until now. We’ve gotten wind that the bureau has produced a video of its own to use, which we’re guessing is what they were trying to avoid by delegating it to the rest of us with the contest. It’s really long, chock full of some beautiful aerial shots of the city, features a pretty special song by the Gabe Dixon Band, and already debuted on GAC over the weekend. So without further ado, we bring you “Music City Calls Us Home.”

Thanks to Jeff G. for the tip!

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