Bright & Early: You Are What You Eat Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Bought any frozen chicken lately? A new study by the Food Safety Task Force just found out that on average, 10% of the chicken in Tennessee grocery stores carries salmonella. They’ve started buying 10 bags of chicken per week from various Middle Tennessee grocery stores, and “the results have shown that sometimes half the chicken is tainted and sometimes none of it.” That doesn’t really inspire much confidence if you know what we mean. For the record, you can avoid the problem by making sure you cook it well before you eat it.

  • Three cheers. Let’s all take a moment this morning to remember our brothers and sisters in Nolensville who can finally have bars in town. Yesterday, the folks in Nolensville voted for the right to sell liquor by the drink, which was holding up progress for a number of businesses looking to relocate there.
  • Three’s a crowd. Speaking of alcohol, liquor stores in town think that Green Hills is getting a little crowded, and are suing to prevent a third liquor store from opening in the area. We say the more the merrier, but Bud’s and the Green Hills Wine Shoppe think otherwise.  
  • Bits & pieces. Applications are available for Metro’s heating assistance program for those who need it … The public hearing to determine whether chain restaurants will have to disclose nutrition information on their menus is today … A road project in Williamson County has resulted in an astonishing four deaths in the past year, and has finally been suspended. 

Photo by mrhappy8.