More Reasons To Vote: Free Treats All Over [Freebies]

If you need a better reason to vote than letting your voice be heard, maybe Ben & Jerry’s can change your mind. They’re offering voters a free scoop of ice cream today from 5pm-8pm. We already voted, but early voting counts! 

Free ice cream in November a little too… chilly? How about a nice, warm, patriotic donut from Krispy Kreme? Seriously, vote. Do it for the food. 

Oh! There’s more! Starbucks is doling out free tall brewed coffees to voters today, which may come in handy if you’re standing in line before work. But don’t forget about Crema, they’ve been giving away free coffee to early voters for weeks. 

UPDATE 10:30AM: Reader Annie sent us a tip that Frothy Monkey is also giving out free small drip coffee to voters today. The Nashville Scene’s Bites blog also offers a roundup with a few extra offerings, and check SlickDeals for a frequently updated nationwide list of offerings. We’re sorry to report that our area Chick-fil-a locations are not participating in the rumored “Free Chicken Sandwich For Voters” offer (they were pretty hostile when we called to ask about it). Guess we’re filling up on donuts, ice cream and coffee today!

UPDATE 12:00PM: Grimey’s is giving everyone with an “I Voted” sticker 10% off their purchase today and tomorrow.

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