Bright & Early: Halloweentown Edition

Good morning, Nashville, and happy Halloween! Remember that newspaper, the Tennessee Tribune, that published the names of all the registered voters who didn’t vote in the 2004 election? Another newspaper tracked a bunch of them down and hired a limo to take them to the early voting sites yesterday. “Instead of criticizing people about not voting, we wanted to help them get to the polls,” said Scott Davis of the Nashville Pride, a newspaper that focuses on Nashville’s African American community.

  • Dia-bee-tus. This just gets better and better: Not only are we fat here in Tennessee, but we’re now leading the country in newly diagnosed cases of diabetes.
  • Low flow. Somewhere around 600 fire hydrants in and around Nashville are producing about half as much power as they should be to meet national standards.
  • Bits & pieces. Several people were a little banged up after a second floor balcony collapsed in northeast Nashville overnight … The Preds won, which we’re hoping might bring them out of last sixth place some day … At least we’re not Texas! 23% of Texans really think that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Photo by Kittywinks Peeks.

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