Bright & Early: Ballin’ Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It was a win-win weekend for us in the football department… well, make that a win-win-win. Not only did the Titans make quick work of the Ravens in Baltimore (stretching their record to 5-0), but TSU mowed right over UT-Martin 30-27 in overtime, and who can forget Vandy? In a complete upset, the Commodores took down the Tigers 14-13 and extended their own record to 5-0. The fans are the ones who really stole the show, though, when ESPN admitted that they were pretty impressed with the GameDay turnout.

  • Dear Senators. In honor of the Big Day  tomorrow, Mayor Dean wrote a nice note welcoming the candidates into our fair city. And by “nice note,” we mean lengthy epistle with a few policy recommendations of his own. Strangely enough, he doesn’t mention sidewalks.
  • Save our Preds? The Preds have apparently defaulted on a $40M loan, which they’re blaming on Boots since Boots owes them $100M. There’s also talk of that Canadian paying it off for us, but we all know he just wants to buy the team.
  • Bits & pieces. The Roma employee that was shot during the robbery last week died over the weekend … Dolly has thrown her endorsement behind Sarah Palin, saying they have a lot in common. Sort of … New celebrity baby in the house! Congrats to Dierks Bentley and his wife for the birth of Evalyn Day Bentley on Saturday … We’re glad everyone’s coming to town for the debate because we can sell them stuff.

Photo by mosesxan.

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