Bright & Early: Hax0rz Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It seems like all we’ve been hearing about lately (besides Belmont’s debate) is Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin. Despite the fact that she hails from all the way from Alaska, somehow we knew it would come back around to us. Earlier this week, some college kid hacked into Palin’s Yahoo email, took a bunch of screen shots, and leaked some emails and pictures that have since made their way around the entire internet–but it turns out that the suspected hacker goes UT-Knoxville. Not only that, but he’s actually the offspring of State Rep. Mike Kernall (D-Memphis).

  • Tennessean’s Day of Kindness. The Tennessean is proposing a day of kindness where we all stop with the hate and Obama/McCain/Palin-bashing. And no complaining in their comments, either.
  • Unemployment rate down. Good news this morning on the job front! The state actually netted 3,200 new jobs this month, meaning we’re chipping away at our atrocious unemployment rate. We understand most of the new jobs can be attributed to schools being back in session, but we’ll take what we can get.
  • Bits & pieces. Remember those cute Precious Moments dolls? A woman in Franklin is claiming the company ganked her idea and has filed a lawsuit … Speaking of ganking things, someone stole Jesus from a church in Clarksville yesterday … The Preds training camp kicks off tomorrow, and they want to make sure you know there are not Russians present this year.

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