Bright & Early: Batten Down The Hatches Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’re bracing ourselves for an invasion, and we’re not talking about Georgia this time. It seems that some armadillos have been slowly infiltrating the area unbeknownst to us, traveling up through Memphis and making their way across the east into Middle Tennessee. So far they’ve only made it as far east as the ‘Noog in 20 years of migrating, so apparently they’re slow. Researchers are predicting they’re “here to stay.” At least we know we can outrun them.

  • Fair Housing? A few months ago, teen rehab facility Teen Challenge was forced to close its doors when the Metro Council excluded rehab centers from the property’s new zoning. It’s looking now like it may have been a pretty costly decision after it was determined to be in violation of the Fair Housing Act. The city could be liable for as much as $1.35M in damages.
  • Your tax dollars at work. We’re seriously thinking the English Only drama may never, ever end–After the courts denied Councilman Eric Crafton’s request for an expedited appeal of their decision to leave the measure off the November ballot, supporters are now calling for a special election.
  • Bits & pieces. Metro Council is trying to take the reins on the Music Row eminent domain case … The State Fair just can’t seem to win this year, and now handicapped visitors are complaining that it’s too difficult for them to get around the fairgrounds … The city has stretched out the deadline for homeless folks to get out of Tent City.

Photo by dawnashley.

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