State Fair: Say Wha?

Oh, yeah. The Tennessee State Fair is back again. It sort of snuck up on us because no one seems to care about the Tennessee State Fair, but hey. It’s our state, so let’s at least pretend that we’re excited. This year’s state fair features sundry fair-esque things such as cow milkin’ and tractor racin’ and hamburger eatin’ (Krystal hamburgers, no less). Tickets are $8, but you can pick up half price tickets at any Kroger. Rides and concessions will cost you an arm and a leg extra, but what’s a state fair without emptying your pockets on cotton candy and ferris wheel rides? And also, the Tennessee State Fair would like to bring you this PSA:

If historic events were ranked like historic sites, the Tennessee State Fair would be very close to the top of the list!

Okay, we’ll take their word on it.