Bright & Early: Three-Day Weekend Edition

Good morning, Nashville, and happy Friday. While we at Nashvillest were busy with our disastrous Fantasy Football draft last night, the Titans were wrapping up their preseason with a 23-21 win against the Packers. Bad news is, our favorite QB Vince Young messed up his hand. They say it’s just a little bruise, but we’re skeptical. The real season starts next Sunday when the Titans go head-to-head against Jacksonville at LP Field, which means we’ll be staying as far away from downtown as we possibly can.

  • Friends don’t let friends. Tennessee state troopers will be out on the roads this weekend keeping the roads safe for the rest of us while they keep an eye out for drunk drivers. So be careful out there this weekend and remember to add Zingo to your speed dial.
  • Murder still a mystery. Police are scraping around for clues about what led to the double-shooting of Vandy professor Pierre Colas. So far, they’re questioning three suspects but still aren’t much closer to figuring out a motive.
  • Bits & pieces. The lawsuit has officially been filed against the Davidson Co. Election Commission for this week’s English First stunt … Parents with kids at Battleground Academy in Franklin are worried that toxic chemicals in a nearby creek could be putting kids at risk … In honor of Hurricane Katrina’s 3-year anniversary, the Parthenon is hosting a photography exhibit with pictures of the aftermath from now through December.

Photo by beerbrain.