Bright & Early: Water Woes Edition

Good morning, Nashville. If you were disheartened by the unfortunate news that our power bills could go up by 20% this fall, brace yourselves: Our water and sewer bills are going up too. A lot of the water mains, pipes and pumps need to be replaced, and we could see double-digit increases in our water bills soon. But hey, new legislation may give us less annoying bills, so we can’t complain. Er… yes we can. 

  • Standoff. Metro police spent the evening out at a Rivergate hotel trying to convince an attempted murder suspect to come out of his room. Something to write home about for all those tourists staying in the Rivergate Baymont Inn & Suites… 
  • Coffee rage. Nashville drivers make us pretty angry, but apparently road rage is taking on a different shape in Manchester, TN. A man actually got out of his car at his child’s elementary school and poured his coffee in the window of another car that was ticking him off. And the drama ensues – Was it hot or cold? Is the Czeck native in the country legally or not? Blah blah blah… We’ll have to remember this for the next time someone pulls a U-turn from the far right lane at a red light on Broadway in front of us. 
  • Diamonds are a man’s best friend. Murfreesboro residents, keep an eye out for a cross-dressed man with a lot of jewelry. Two men were actually involved in the armed robbery of a jewelry store, but we think one may be easier to spot on the streets than the other. 
  • Bits & pieces. Our homeless population is at an all-time high, but the real kicker is that there are 32% more homeless women and children on our streets … Someone’s lying in the case of Rutherford County Students Attack Bus Driver, and the school is going to find out … The aforementioned case must be putting undue strain on the system in Rutherford County, because they’re rebilling residents for tickets that were paid decades ago
Photo by Cayusa


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