Happy Hour: Where’s The Love(bug)?

  • Barack Obama thinks we’re a lost cause and is shoving our delegates up into the nosebleed section at the Democratic National Convention. After texting us at 3am on Saturday morning. Not that we’re bitter or anything. [Tennessean]
  • Speaking of the DNC, Belmont is hoping to get a shout-out when Gov. Bredesen speaks at the convention in Denver on Wednesday. Hey, have you heard they were hosting one of the debates? [WSMV]
  • Clarksville schools are trying a new tactic to curb violence on school buses: Playing boring soothing music that’s said to sedate calm kids down. [WTVF]
  • Tennessee lawmakers really want to help us out with the 20% hike in our electric bills, but they’re not sure what to do. [WTVF]

Photo by morganlevy.

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