Bright & Early: Booze It And Lose It Edition

Good morning, Nashville. According to Metro police, one in four clerks in Middle Tennessee will sell alcohol to underage kids. In an effort to get those numbers down, they’ve been visiting stores all over the region to test vendors by sending a 19-year old inside to try to purchase some booze. Those who break the law are ticketed and fined up to $1500 for their first offense, along with the possibility of the store’s license to sell alcohol being taken away.

  • Showing who’s Boss. It seems like we’re the only ones who weren’t at the Bruce Springsteen concert last night, but at least we can read about it.
  • Recycle, reduce, reuse? Copies of driver’s licenses and social security cards were found unshredded at the Green Hills recycling center behind Hillsboro High School. No one knows where they came from yet, but Public Works suspects it’s a check-cashing/payday loan service.
  • Bits & pieces. Brace yourselves for the biggest increase in food prices in 20 years … MTA is in the process of taking the reins of the Music City Star from RTA in hopes of making it not suck … Members of the Kurdish Pride gang have been targeting individual police officers in spray-painted threats around the city … The Wilson County fair has already surpassed last year’s attendance by 60,000 and still runs through tomorrow.

Photo by rumielf.

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