Bright & Early: We’ll Never Let Go, Jack Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Turns out Riverfront Landing, the barge that doubles as a floating extension of Riverfront Park downtown, is pulling a Titanic. Though it’s only used a couple of times a year, Metro Parks was understandably a bit concerned when one official happened to notice that the structure was tilting to one side and starting to sink. No word yet on whether it’s fixable, but we’re hopeful.

  • Tax-free holiday extinct? Were you one of the thousands of Tennesseans who took advantage of the tax-free weekend? Enjoy it now, because it may have been the last one we’ll see for a while. It’s no secret that the state is strapped for cash, and Governor Bredesen is concerned that this weekend’s lost revenue may not have helped matters.
  • Half-baked. Another big drug bust happened this weekend when police confiscated 131 marijuana plants from a home in Clarksville. The plants probably would have raked in over $250K.
  • Bits & pieces. The Tennessean realizes that Nashvillians are all a-twitter … Manufacturers of the Tennessee snack-food staple GooGoo Clusters are moving in near the airport … Police say violence is on the rise in the downtown area … Wilson County Schools have nixed field trips for the moment in an effort to save gas … Lifeway Christian Resources laid off 100 of their 2,000 employees last week since sales have been on the decline.

Photo by nol.

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