Urban Pranksters: Dive-In Theater

Funny people are our favorite, and we just hit the jackpot. We think we found all of Nashville’s funny people in one place. They’re all part of a group called the Dive-In Theater, and spreading harmless (yet hilarious) mischief and pranks around town is their specialty. These are the people who planned a fake marathon rest stop during the Country Music Marathon, complete with donuts, recliners, pajamas, and planted “quitter” runners. These are also the people who held a zombie protest at the zombie walk last month, holding signs that read “Down With The Dead!” and “What Part Of DEAD Don’t You Understand?”

Check out this video of over 200 people simultaneously freezing for a solid five minutes in New York’s Grand Central Station a few months ago. Wonder what would happen if something like that went down in Nashville? On Saturday, a “freeze” is happening in Hillsboro Village to celebrate the first day of summer. Agents will meet in Fannie Mae Dees Park at 1pm to receive their instructions and sync their watches. Anyone is invited to take part, so we hope we’ll see some of you there.

Thanks to Levi for the tip!