Veepsteaks 2008: Yes We Can!

Now that the never-ending Democratic primaries have been over for a few weeks, we’d almost forgotten about that whole election thing. But with all of that behind us, we’re into a whole new stage: Choosing the running mates. To ease the pain we’re all going to experience in the next few weeks while we’re being subjected to way more media speculation that we can handle, our friends at the Nashville Post and Jimmy Kelly’s Steakhouse have put together a little contest to pass the time:

The rules are simple … tell us who you think will be the Republican and Democratic choices for vice president. The person who guesses correctly gets dinner. Should there be more than one correct entry, we will draw the winner from a hat. In the event no one guesses both potential VPs correctly, we will draw from those who got at least one. We won’t be headed to the Supreme Court to figure this one out – there will be a clear winner. … Oh, and in honor of the Voting Rights Act, we will only accept one entry per person.

Head over here to enter the contest and try your own hand at baseless speculation. The only difference between you and the newsfolk is that you could get a free meal (steak!) out of it, which we think is a pretty sweet deal. Good luck, Nashville!

Photo by larimdaME.