Bright & Early: Them’s Fightin’ Words Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Looks like we’re in for another gorgeous day of cookout-worthy weather. Meanwhile, things are heating up over at Al Gore’s Belle Meade fortress, where one group is saying that he’s actually using more energy than he was before his green renovations. Gore isn’t buying it, though, and he’s arguing that his utility bills have gone down by 40 percent. But our favorite part of the article is where they talk about how another group is planning on floating a giant 70-foot hot air balloon over Gore’s home on Friday to symbolize (we’re guessing) that Gore is full of hot air. More on that as it unfolds.

  • New budget passed. The City Council passed Metro’s new budget unanimously last night, and the schools are getting most of the money. Vivian “Speeding Tickets” Wilhoite thinks they “missed the mark” by cutting the Nashville Fire Department’s budget. Good news is, only 30 of the 200 layoffs that Mayor Dean announced last month are set to happen.
  • Bright ideas. Every day we learn about some new casualty of the gas crisis. This story comes to us from Knoxville, where some guy robbed a bank and then ran out of gas while he tried to get away. We’re thinking this sounds like the start of a great “gas prices” email to Lamar.
  • Bits & pieces. Car drives through the front of a Quiznos and hits a customer … Speaking of Murfreesboro drivers, the new red-light cameras have already caught 100 people in the act … Cab driver ambushed and killed in East Nashville last night … Despite the clean bill from the EPA yesterday, Nashville still needs to fix its water and sewage pipes.

Photo by Brandon James.

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