New Sidewalks: They Have A Plan, And It’s Strategic

Since we’re all stowing our cars for the time being, we’re pretty interested in Metro’s brand spankin’ new plan for making the city more pedestrian-friendly. They’ve finally put the draft up for public review, but if you want the hard copy you’ll have to head to the downtown branch of the Nashville Public Library. For the technology-literate among us, you can find the PDF version over here. If you’re dying to see what your neighborhood is going to look like, it gets a little more complicated; fortunately the Tennessean has provided us with a lengthy list of steps for doing just that. And finally, if you’ve got something to say about it once you’ve checked it out, you can email the Powers That Be at

The strategic plan for bikeways and sidewalks is part of the larger Plan of Nashville that addresses most aspects of what the city is going to look like in the next few years. We’d recommend checking it out, but not until after you’d had your coffee.

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