Thursday: Let’s Make It Official (CMApocalypse 2008)

There’s so much going on today that we’d grow old writing it all out (and you’d grow old reading it). So we’ll spare you the details. Instead, we’re opting for a rundown of the free and open to the public hotspots that are running all week, so if you have some free time on a lunch break or you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids, we’ve got you covered.

In the parking lot of the Hard Rock Cafe lies a “FunZone,” apparently. It’s technically open today from 9am-6pm, although the free concerts continue past 7pm (so we’re not sure how that works). The schedule for today includes NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte signing (10am-12pm), concerts (11:15am-1:50pm; 6:30pm-7:15pm), and LOTS of free samples.

FAMILYZONE by McDonalds/Dr. Pepper
A short walk away from the FunZone on 5th & Demonbreun lies the FamilyZone (very creative, CMA). Thursday is “Safety Day” at the FamilyZone. We’re also not sure what the theme has to do with anything. A wide variety of shows and events will be going on all day, plus your standard facepainting, magicians, inflatable bouncy houses, free food, and more. Check out the schedule to plan a strategic day for the kids. Strawberry Shortcake is even performing each day. We thought we left her back in the 90’s, but apparently she’s staging a comeback.

CHEVY (You guessed it) SPORTSZONE
Behind the Sommet Center, you’ll find the Chevy SportsZone. It’s open from 11am-5pm today, and once again will provide excessive free food & drink samples. Between outdoorsman competitions, more NASCAR/Pro fishing autograph sessions, and multiple (and possibly also excessive) K9s In Flight demonstrations, the SportsZone has a lot happening in a short amount of time. We can’t wait until Sunday’s tractor race. No, seriously.

Photo by Jon Erickson.

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