Bright & Early: We Could Ride Horses Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Someone at MTA is having the Best Week Ever, after a bus driver fell asleep at the wheel yesterday and ran into a parked car off of Shelby Avenue in East Nashville. Three people were taken to the hospital including the driver, but everyone seems to be okay. Remind us sometime to tell you the story about how Nashvillest once saw someone get hit by an MTA bus at Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. In other words, we’re huge fans. On a related note, the Tennessean reports that Nashville may cut seven bus routes after it’s already raising its fares by 15 cents. Maybe if our buses ran more often and on time, we’d consider them a viable form of transportation.

  • Tax-Free Day Facing Extinction. We can handle the landscaping budget being cut, but in their latest efforts to deal with the revenue shortage, Tennessee lawmakers have opted to drop the spring sales tax holiday. The back-to-school weekend (August 2-3) is safe, though. For now.
  • And Again! Members of the Tennessee National Guard are on alert for their third deployment back to Iraq.
  • Monsooooon. Lots of rain in the forecast for today, with as much as 3 inches likely for the southern counties. As usual, the weather service offers you this helpful advice: “TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN if you approach a roadway covered with water.” We can handle that.
  • Bits & Pieces. Our neighbors up in Kentucky have broken the Diet Coke and Mentos world record for the most simultaneous eruptions … President Bush is president of the Internets after giving exclusive online interviews to Yahoo and Politico … The “I don’t give a s****” that was heard around the world (or at least around Nashville) … Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” added to the Library of Congress.

Photo by rvermillion.

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