Bright & Early: Sweet Niblets Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It’s a little soggy out there today. Sometimes we like to brag about how our city is so cool because we have no paparazzi and the stars just like to ‘hang out’ and such. Enter Miley Cyrus, who (for better or worse) has put our fair city on the tabloid map this week. It seems we at Nashvillest can’t stop talking about her either, since it’s the most exciting thing to happen here since like… Robert Altman’s Nashville. Relax, we’re just kidding.

  • Headlines that make us go “huh?” Men suspected of robbing pair of money, pants are in custody, police say [Tennessean]. The best part about this story, besides the headline, is that the robber was wearing a gorilla mask at the time. We would be terrified.
  • Campaign trails. If you have an extra $1,000 laying around, Michelle Obama will be in town tomorrow fundraising for Barry at some person’s house in West Nashville. When Obama wins, we poor folk won’t have to miss these kinds of things (and we’ll find the map to candy mountain and there will be free ice cream every day, etc.)
  • Make way for ducklings. A family of ducks brings a busy Madison parking lot to a screeching halt. It’s sort of a cute story, but nothing can top this one.
  • Bits & Pieces. Hang onto your homes, Franklin. Residents worry as road project looms … Clarksville mom leaves her kid in the car while she tans … Hillary wins West Virginia … Struggling Sounds rip Las Vegas 5 to 1 … Franklin coke ring busted, 18 kilos confiscated.

Photo by midlakemarion.

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