Happy Humpday: Okay, Who Kilted The Nudies?

A well-played St. Patty’s Day joke has our Nashville Nudies in the Demonbreun roundabout fully clothed! Dan McGuinness, we’re looking at you…

Check out the pics below, and stay tuned for our St. Patty’s Day roundup coming soon. See also: The Tennessean gets video of the clothed statue and the reactions of a few shocked Nashvillians.

Update: Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we think we’ve pinpointed the pranksters, and our initial guess of Dan McGuinness was close. The bandit(s) may be appearing there tonight. Use your imagination!

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  • I’m still very upset that I missed getting to see Ira Glass in person. Perhaps next time I can just stake out around Green Hills Mall and they’ll show up again..?

    And for the record, as a retail employee, it is a very interesting episode of the show.