Movies In The Park 2012 Kicks Off Tonight, In A Different Park

June 6, 2012 10:00 AM 5 comments

We hope you’re ready for your road trip to Movies In The Park tonight! Ha ha, just kidding, Percy Warner Park isn’t that far. Yes, as you’ve probably heard by now, the Nashville Scene‘s Movies In The Park is relocating after 16 years in Centennial Park. This year’s Movies In The Park series will take place at Percy Warner Park’s Cross Country Fields off Hwy 100, kicking off tonight with a screening of last year’s blockbuster The Help. As in previous years, movies will start at sundown, but the festivities will begin each week at 4pm with food trucks and… food trucks (Nashville, we are easily entertained).

Movies In The Park 2012 lineup

June 6: The Help
June 13: Shrek
June 20: Twilight: Breaking Dawn
June 27: Captain America (edited, bummer!)

Food vendors include Moe’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Stonehouse Q, Kona Ice, The Grilled Cheeserie and Moose Head kettle corn.

So there you have it! Tell us, because we’re ever-so-curious: Will you be making the trek to Percy Warner Park for Movies In The Park this year, or does the move take it off the table for you?

UPDATE: Here is a map that may or may not help you find the mythical “Cross Country Fields”! 

Photo by nashvillest.

  • Paul Nicholson

    I wonder what they will edit on Captain America? I thought it was pretty mild as PG-13 summer action flicks go. 

  • Kirin Proctor

    Planning to go, Percy Warner Park is closer & more convenient for me. But not exactly sure where the cross country field is. Hopefully, I’ll find it & my friends :)

  • fancycwabs

    I dunno, Grassy Knoll movie nights is closer, better, and there’s beer, and Five Points Pizza.  On the other hand, if things get rough at Percy Warner, I can flee the hundred yards to Williamson County. 

  • Emily Harris

    I’ll probably go to fewer than I have in years past. Before I’d go even if I’d seen the movie just for an easy, cheap, close night out. This makes that a little more difficult. 

  • morganlevy

    same here!