You Might Not Want To Leave Your House This Weekend [Road Closures]

April 27, 2012 4:00 PM 4 comments

In case you hadn’t noticed the giant signs and rows of port-a-potties sprouting up around Nashville for the past week, all of the streets in town will be closed this weekend for the Country Music Marathon. Just kidding! Only some of the streets will be closed. Here’s our best shot at helping you navigate the city this weekend, you know, if you must leave your house.

Public Transportation:

Road Closures:

  • Closed now – Saturday, 4/28 at 7pm: Russell St from 2nd St to Titans Way; Titans Way from Russell St to Victory Ave; Victory Ave from 2nd St to Titans Way; 1st St from Woodland St to Russell St
  • Closed Friday, 4/27 from 4:15-8pm: Union St from 3rd Ave N to the Woodland Street Bridge
  • Closed Friday from 4:30-8pm: Woodland St from the Woodland St Bridge to Interstate Drive; 1st Ave N from Church to Union St
  • Closed Saturday, 4/28 from 3-9am: West End Ave from 31st to 21st Ave
  • Closed Saturday from 6-9am: West End Ave from 21st to 16th
  • Closed Saturday from 6-9:15am: Broadway from 16th to 2nd Ave; 4th Ave from Union to Demonbreun St
  • Closed Saturday from 6-9:30am: Demonbreun from 4th to the Music Row Roundabout; Music Row Roundabout from Demonbreun to 17th
  • Closed Saturday from 6-9:45am: 17th Ave from Music Row Roundabout to Magnolia Blvd; Magnolia Blvd (southbound only) from 17th to 18th; 18th Ave from Magnolia to Portland Ave; Portland Ave from 18th to Belmont Blvd
  • Closed Saturday from 6-10:30am: Belmont Blvd from Portland Ave to Clifton Ln; Clifton Ln from Belmont Blvd to Granny White Pike
  • Closed Saturday from 6-11am: Granny White/12th from Clifton Ln to Wedgewood; Wedgewood from 12th to Magnolia
  • Closed Saturday from 6-11:15am: Magnolia Blvd from Wedgewood to 16th; 16th from Magnolia to Division St; Division from 16th to 12th; 12th from Division to 11th
  • Closed Saturday from 6-11:45am: 11th Ave from 12th to Charlotte Ave; Charlotte from 11th to 10th Circle N; 10th Circle N from Charlotte to Rosa Parks Blvd
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-12:15pm: Dominican Dr from Rosa Parks Blvd to 9th Ave; 9th & 10th Aves from Dominican Dr to Rosa Parks Blvd
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-12:30pm: Rosa Parks Blvd (southbound) from James Robertson Pkwy to Mainstream Dr
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-1:15pm: Jefferson St from Rosa Parks to 6th
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-1:30pm: Rosa Parks Blvd (northbound) from James Robertson Pkwy to Mainstream Dr; 5th, 6th & 7th Aves from Jefferson St to James Robertson Pkwy; Harrison St from Rosa Parks to 7th; James Robertson Pkwy from Rosa Parks to 3rd; 3rd from James Robertson to Union St; 4th from Charlotte to Union; Deaderick St from 3rd to 4th Ave; Union St from 4th to the Woodland St Bridge; Woodland St from 5th to 12th
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-1:45pm: 11th St from Holly St to Russell St; 12th St from Woodland to Holly; Holly from 12th to 11th
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-2pm: Russell St from 11th to 7th; 7th from Russell to Fatherland; Fatherland from 7th to 5th
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-3:15pm: Shelby Park – ALL PARK ROADS
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-3:30pm: Davidson St from 5th to Shelby Park
  • Closed Saturday from 6am-3:45pm: Woodland St from the Woodland St Bridge to 5th St; 5th St from Woodland to Davidson St
  • Closed Saturday from 6:15am-9:15am: Broadway ramp on I-40 Eastbound & Westbound
  • Closed Saturday from 6:15am-9:30am: Demonbreun ramp on I-40 Eastbound & Westbound
  • Closed Saturday from 6:15am-1:30pm: Metro Center/Rosa Parks ramp on I-65 Northbound & Southbound
Photo by Dan Slee
  • Grey Street Girl

    Why don’t they just have them run around in a circle instead? It’d be easier to map out, that’s for sure. I offer up the Musica Roundabout.

  • Abc

    What happened to this blog?

  • Guest

    why revamp the blog if you’re still not going to post?

  • guest

     I guess it has become increasingly difficult to post links to other websites.