Bright & Early: All Things Grow Edition

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, Nashville. We’re on a tight schedule this morning, so here is your abbreviated Bright & Early:

  • Remember last year when someone kilted the naked statues near Music Row for St. Patty’s Day? Oops, they’ve done it again. This is a tradition we fully endorse. [WSMV]
  • Speaking of St. Patty’s Day, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is offering sober rides from 10pm-2am tonight, so pick up the phone and call 862-RIDE if you find yourself in a green beer-induced haze without a designated driver. [WKRN]
  • The US Census data came in yesterday, and it turns out that midstate counties have done done a lot of growing this year! Williamson and Rutherford counties saw the highest percentage of growth, and Hispanic folks now make up about 10% of the population in Davidson County. [WKRN]
  • Mayor Dean checked in from Tokyo yesterday, speaking of blackouts, more earthquakes and scenes of disaster, but noting the resiliency and “remarkably high spirits” of the Japanese people. [City Paper]
  • TSU is rethinking their decision to name their school mascot “Tsunami.” [WSMV]
  • Nashville’s gang violence has dropped by about 50% over the last year thanks to the tireless efforts of the MNPD. [WSMV]
  • Don’t be surprised if you start seeing ads on TDOT trucks sometime soon. [WKRN]

Photo by Jon Erickson.

  • Franchesa

    TIme Mangement Tip
    Bring as many friends as you need autographs. Look and see who has a fave star sitting at meet and greet. Everyone have a stanger shoot a photo of you and the star.
    If the artist only gives one per person call on your cell phone when your next in line hold the place for someone too.

  • Bashville

    1) Handmade tshirt with an overuse of puffy paint
    2) Any article of clothing with a wolf on it
    3) fringe + beads = awesome
    4) pink cowboy hat

  • EmCov

    1. Bathing suits worn as clothes, with no pool in sight.
    2. Blissful ignorance of “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs.

  • charissa

    Freshly-bandaged tattoos and piercings from Billy Bob’s…because it’s a Christian place.
    Pictures with the Elvis statue (omg, is this where he died?)
    There’s actually a line at Wild Horse.

  • playing_along

    15 streetcorner performers crooning Johnny Cash…

    lots of cleavage

    pictures with every guitar in the city

    large leather jackets with fringe, in 90 degree weather

    shredded clothing

    RVs in every parking lot

  • Crackerjen

    Hearing Sommet Center pronounced “summit center”

  • Heidi

    -colorful cowboy hat covered in autographs
    -funky smell on Broadway
    -tattoo of favorite country singer on an exposed part of the body
    -hair as big as Texas
    -skullet (no business up front, but all party in the back)
    -Randy Travis T-shirt
    -fans trying to get past security at the CMT building
    -confederate flag bikini top
    -camouflage bikini top
    -daisy duke shorts proudly worn with muffin top and exposed butt cheeks (also could be worn with one of the above bikini tops)
    -matching T-shirts with a message in iron-on letters about a favorite country star
    -Alan Jackson look-alike
    -Tim McGraw look-alike
    -shirtless man covered in tattoos with shaved head and rat tail
    -dirty old man talking about his Taylor Swift fantasies
    -obese person on a scooter cutting to the front of the line

    • Crackerjen

      I can tell from my visits to downtown during hockey season that the funky smell is always there, not just during CMA/Fan Fair!

  • Downtown employees cursing under their breath as they walk 5 miles to and from an overcharged parking spot because the parking lot they ALREADY PAID FOR is under CMA “eminent domain.”

  • Adrienne

    1) Taylor Swift look-a-like
    2) inappropriate Public Displays of Affection

  • oh…and

    a conspicuous absence of “locals.”

  • DaniT

    My favorites
    Person in shorts and new boots
    Fanny pack on same person
    New Cowboy hat of SAME person
    Hearing an obviously fake southern accent

  • Adrienne

    Sorry!, I acidentally posted before putting the rest of mine on here

    3) someone wearing a snuggie
    4) double fisting (two beers-only two hands)
    5) child on a leash (or harness)
    6) black leather fanny pack (as if that makes it less of a fashion faux-pas)

  • piggybacking off of DaniT–
    a rise in bandage and blister ointment sales

    • DaniT