Bright & Early: Middle Ground Edition

Good morning, Nashville. The Metro Transit Association has narrowly avoided a potentially disastrous bus strike after reaching an agreement with Nashville bus drivers.  In recent weeks, drivers have been threatening to strike over a change in contract that would allow MTA to fire them after eight unplanned absences. They initially implemented this rule because they actually had to hire 27 new drivers just to cover the shifts of those who called in last-minute absences, but they’ll soon be overturning it to avoid the strike.

Photo by Paul Nicholson.

  • WheeeGuy

    If you are planning to go I highly recommend volunteering. It requires a flexible schedule a few days beforehand, but you get a great spot, free ticket, free meals, and free showers. Nobody I know had a job that was anywhere near taxing or badly scheduled. I ended up working the beer tent…it doesn’t get any better than that!

    • Good advice! I’ve heard of a few people pulling shifts with security in return for free/discounted admission and seemed to still see a lot of the festival. Definitely something to consider.